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This new device will allow you to turn your smartphone into a Game Boy!

Spotted at E3 this year, smartphone add-on the “Hyperkin Smart Boy” will allow you to turn your Android device into a working Game Boy.

As reported on gaming website Neowin, the Smart Boy is more than a Game Boy emulator, as it appears to work by having you attach the device to your smartphone before slotting in your Game Boy cartridges in the back.

With a physical d-pad and A & B buttons, you won’t have to faff with fiddly touch controls too.

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If the Hyperkin Smart Boy lives up to all its promise, this could see gamers crack out all of their classic Game Boy games of old.

Imagine playing pitch perfect versions of Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening, Pokemon Crystal or Super Mario Bros. Deluxe on your smartphone?

The Super Boy is available for  pre-order now ahead of its December release.

While you wait for it to be released, why not take our quiz on 90s video game characters? We’re off to get our old games from out the attic. Anyone got Mario Golf?

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